Business Grants for The Disabled


Business grants for the disabled

The disabled people are ‘specially able’ individuals who can lay claims on federal and government grants to avail financial assistance and then their meet day to day expenses. They can hence realize their dreams in a better way. But, it is still not clear for what purposes you may use business grants for the disabled and how it can benefit. If you are having financial crisis and are facing debts, then the government-aided grants can help. It can help to clear off business debts you are having. These benefit programs may not only help to clear off business debts but also save funds for other purposes.

According to the Disability Employment Policy, nearly 21% of the US employees are disabled. In that 21% people, hardly 15% of them are self-employed. 40% USA population own small businesses. Business grants for the disabled are meant particularly to integrate into the disabled’s workforce adults. Disabled adults are the adults who suffer from some kind of impairment like psychological, physiological or psychiatric impairment.

The popular government grants for the disabled

Wondering which is the most popular grant for the disabled? Well, it is Disability Research Project and Centers Program Grant which was created in the years 2011. The eligible applicants for the government-aided grant are private agencies, public agencies and state agencies. It also includes profit agencies, private and public organizations, educational institutions that promote higher education. This grant is solely meant for those who conduct research in the field of technology, execute demonstration projects and carry out related activities or training. Businesses that promote self-sufficiency of disabled people are eligible for it.

How to avail small business grant?

A disabled person may face a lot of problems when he/she tries to start a new business. The government simplifies business funding by issuing business grants for the disabled. Get benefitted from the grant and start your business. The government provides you money and that too for free. There is no need to make a repayment. Thus, government grant is much superior to loans from the financial institutions. But, it is not easy to qualify for the fund as there is high competition. You first need to prepare a business plan and lay out a strategy for running the business. If your plans are well formulated, you have more chance of qualifying. The grantors will always make sure that they give money for some good purpose.

Check the website of to locate suitable grants. You will come across several grants on the website. They are placed under different categories. Indeed, you will find each and every grant which the government has issued. Find the grants for disabled and match it up with your purpose. Even the non-profit organizations offer business grants for the disabled and you may locate them by making local search. It is now easy to be self-employed with government-aided grants. Get in touch with like-minded people or disabled entrepreneurs who can make you aware of the funding opportunities, suitable grants and similar. Nevertheless, such grants can help to realize your dream of starting your own business.

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