College Grants

College Grants

Reasons for opting for College Grants

Grants as well as scholarships are free money options for college education. Opting for a college grant can assist you in higher education without having to pay for the same. Most of these grants are based on financial need and awards with some part of it being awarded for achievement in academics. Scholarships are based on merit with it being awarded to students with specific qualities like proven athletic ability or excelling in academics.

Applying for College Grants:

The college grants are given by the federal and the state government. You need to fill out the admission form first to ensure you are eligible for the specific grant. This helps the college in determining the amount of financial aid you require. Federal student loans, grants, work-study can be a part of the package of financial aid offered by your school.

After the application has been filled you receive award letters of financial aid from the different colleges who have agreed to accept you. These letters inform you of your eligibility of the college grant. Most grants are awarded to those who apply well in advance.

Sources of College Grants:

Given below are the sources that offer college grants or scholarships.

1. Governments:

As mentioned, the state and federal government are the perfect source of the scholarships or college grants. The federal government tends to be a larger source of the gift-aid which is need-based, while the state government offers college grants to residents who attend college in a specific state.

2. Private Organizations:

There are multiple community organizations, foundations and companies sponsoring college grants or scholarships. You can look for a college grant with

*The religious center of the family

*The parent’s employer or probably the labor union.


3. Colleges:

Colleges offer grants either based on merit or need.

Pell Grant:

A Pell Grant is paid by the U.S. government which can help you in covering the cost of tuitions and other costs which are associated with the college. This college grant is income-based, which means, your income as well as the income of your parents is taken into consideration.

You can avail of the Pell Grant for a period of six years. This money is given directly to the college you attend. Any money which is left is distributed to the student after the fees and other costs are taken care of.

Qualifying for Pell Grant:

It is not essential to meet the income-based guidelines to qualify for the Pell Grant. There are various other factors taken into consideration.

You need to fill out the FAFSA (Free Form for Federal Student Aid) form but ensure you do not accept any loans offered. The eligibility of the Pell Grant is affected if there is no progress made towards the degree or if a semester is skipped without any valid reason. Failing too many classes can hamper your eligibility for future grants.

Before you apply for this college grant it is advisable to get a thorough knowledge and all the information on Pell Grants. This helps you with multiple benefits and can help you in completing your higher education without any tensions.

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