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Different Grants for women

Times have changed and so has the role of a woman. You find more women venturing out of their homes to make a substantial change in the income of their homes, opting for business on an independent basis. Getting the finances for the business planned might be a daunting task but definitely not impossible. You have multiple options available in specific grants for women. Listed below are some of the grants for women available.

1. Women’s Financial Fund:

This organization is a non-profit one offering grants to independent, strong women who are interested in a business of their own. Women can apply for the Existing business grants if they already have a business, and for the new business grant if they plan on opening a new one.

*New Business grants:

This New business grant can be applied for any business, be it internet-based, marketing or service-based. These grants run between $100 to $5000, depending on the need and the funding budget.

*Existing business grants:

The above mentioned grants for women are apt for those who are looking for improvement in the net worth of their existing business. The funds offered can be used for expanding, purchasing new equipment or even for developing a new product. Women can apply for this grant as long as they are looking to upgrade their business. The funds available with this grant for women are between $1000 and $5000.


Besides being 18 years or more in age you need to be a U.S citizen to apply for this grant for women. The recipients of this grant are chosen in accordance to their need and the business plan charted out.

2. Halstead Bead Incorporated:

The Annual Business Development Grant by Halstead Bead Incorporated is offered to those women who show an interest in a start-up of a jeweler business. This grant is of $6000 along with merchandise for the opening of the business. Halstead is interested in techniques used for designing jeweler which include casting, art clay, hand fabricating and lamp work. Originality is of prime importance.


The applicant needs to either be s student learning jewellery design or be a professional in this. She needs to ensure that only branded jewellery in silver is sold in the business. She needs to be a U.S. citizen and have a clean criminal record. The recipient is awarded a Halsted Bead gift certificate of $1000 besides $5000 cash. She is also awarded a plaque which is engraved with her accomplishment.

Besides the above, grants for women are also possible with

1. Amber Grant

2. Cartier Women’s Initiative Award

3. FedEx Small Business Grant

4. Open Meadows Foundation

5. IdeaCafe Grant

6. and a lot more.

You need to make an effort and research on the specific grants for women which works apt for your requirement. It is important to go through the listed eligibility factors before you apply. Ensure you apply on time and keep a track on the application on a regular basis.

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